Inspired by the story of “Alice’s adventures in wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, the collection “Hearts cocktail” is a collection that shows a modern approach to the aesthetic of a serious literary work.

The story of the hearts raises questions about the battle between the good and the evil, the real and the fantastic, the child and the grown adult and about love and dream.

The design of each heart is made to empower, but also to bring sensibility, joy, love and kindness. Each piece of jewellery has a dual meaning and gives the opportunity of choice. The asymmetric and dual design bring a fun and fresh touch to your outfit.

The material choice for this collection is silver 925 and coloured enamel.

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Anchor of love earrings

Are you ready to discover the world within you and outside of you through love? Just drop the anchor of love.

The heart from the heart long chain necklace

A long chain necklace that brings unity, balance and coexistence. Will you be able to fill the missing part from your heart?